Search and share knowledge

Search for relevant answers to various profession-related questions and help your peers through sharing your own expertise.

Access different resources, get in touch with teaching professionals, certified tutors, student-helpers and technical help desk agents.





SCOO also contains cards. These are based on dynamic and inspiring lesson plans that can be used to navigate the ever-growing field of ICT-based teaching.

Employees need help

As digitalization is transforming work and learning, employees are struggling to keep up with the accelerating pace of change.

Is assistance available?

Budgets are constrained, work hours are limited, timelines have to be met. Energy is limited, and very few resources are available for skill and knowledge development.

We are fighting the same battles

Problems and  are increasingly often work related, not just technical. Pedagogical challenges are more or less the same – globally.

What If...

...the cost for support and training was only a fraction of the current costs? 

...extensive professional knowledge and available human resources could be organized, curated and visible, hence easily accessible to all teachers?

Seeking assistance

should be super easy, intuitive, ultra fast and of course – inspiring!



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