Digitalisation revolutionalizes working life completely

Retraining is necessary in all fields. In schools, it applies to students as well as teachers. However, it does not necessarily have to mean more days of training for the staff, but instead it can be improving oneself daily with fresh ideas and the support of the community always available. Coping at work is an important right for everyone. Gradually, we want to build a better future – a community where everyone is involved!


—  Ilkka Halava, futurist

A small package - many things

Emill is many things in one. The Basic version for consumers provides you with content that is based on the Finnish national core curriculum. You can also create collections and earn competence badges.


The Pro version grants you access to content creation, where you can customize content for your own use.


The version for organizations helps you create communities for learning and combines content, support and goals.


Explore content, get ideas, take pedagogical ideas into use in your teaching or acquire new skills independently.


Explore and create content, design pedagogical wholes and create and share new content. Acquire new skills and earn competence badges.



A jointly, carefully designed service includes complete content according to the strategic goals of the municipality. Build a community of teachers where knowledge is developed both on individual and communal level.


Emill is suitable for any line of business. Contact the sales department and schedule a meeting.

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